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Beautiful Folded Hijab Tutorial

by Nahla Naciri   ·  9 years ago  

This is an easy folded hijab tutorial demonstrating how to create folds for a voluminous hijab look.

The trick lies in using a chiffon or a viscose hijab fabric, actually even jersey can work but would be too much. The chiffon and viscose types help creating a folded look naturally, however, you will need an underscarf in which you will pin your hijab to keep folds in order.

I would personally recommended a plain hijab to make folds more visible and not creating a ‘too much’ look of folds and prints all over your head.

Folds naturally make your hijab look voluminous, so you don’t need to use a printed hijab and make it weird.

Follow the pictorial below and get ready for a stylish folded look.


Picture’s source @indahnadapuspita

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