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Simple Loose Hijab Tutorial For Glasses

by Nahla Naciri   ยท  8 years ago  

Glasses are essential if you have poor vision, but if you wear a hijab, they can be uncomfortable and irritating to wear. One option is to get laser eye surgery from a specialist like SharpeVision. This will remove your need for glasses altogether, allowing you to wear your hijab freely and without the discomfort of glasses poking into your head. There are, however, other options that you might want to explore first.

Check out this easy loose hijab style to wear with glasses, this look is gorgeous for summer times using sunglasses. In fact, you can try it on with any kind of glasses since the scarf around your face shape is too loose to ensure real comfort while wearing and easily taking off your glasses while wearing the hijab.

If you’re looking for glasses with a better fit then you may want to consider something like the line of glasses from Felix Gray which are designed for those with low nose bridges which could be important for many people. These glasses can also help protect you against the negative effects on your health (damage to your eyes and mental health) from blue light and screen glare by filtering them out. Take a look at their line of glasses here –

This hijab style can be done with any kind of hijab fabrics, however if you’re willing to pick satin fabric, it might be not the perfect choice as satin hijabs require to be well pinned to prevent the hijab from sliding off your head, hence no chance to make room for sunglasses.

With no further, here is a step by step pictorial showing how you can create this look, enjoy and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram for a chance to get a repost of your take on this look.


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