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Beautiful Quick & Easy Makeup Tutorial

by Nahla Naciri   ¬∑  3 years ago  

Check out this beautiful quick and easy makeup tutorial by the famous tiktoker Cili aka @cilibling on Instagram. Although her makeup looks are stunning, she routinely uses only few products starting by her skin care essentials which are a huge part into achieving  a successful smooth makeup look ( by the way you can read this very detailed article on How to build the best skin care routine HERE)

Cili makes wearing makeup look very easy and in fact it is. not so cakey yet beautifully set and fixed. This, however, requires few tips on how to properly apply makeup: An even foundation application requires more than just rubbing it on and calling it a day. Take time blending. Use the right shade, use the right foundation complexion…¬†

You need to take time selecting the best products that suit your skin tone and are easy to apply for a daily use especially the basis ( primer, foundation, mascara, lipstick and setting powder)

As for the rest you get to change according to the shades you want to try and the newbies of your favorite brands.

Without further ado, enjoy this quick and easy makeup tutorial.

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