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No Equipment Legs & Glutes Workout

by Nahla Naciri   ·  3 years ago  

A no equipment workout is always more motivating, no excuses to give, only your will and perseverance to hit the results you are looking for.

Laila aka @lailatahri whom you all know from previous articles has incorporated a new interesting content on her social networks. Eveything health and workouts related. 

As the gyms are closed in most countries due to covid19, Laila often shares no equipment/home/outdoor workouts to help anyone who tries to stay fit regardless the obstacles.

Today’s workout is all about legs and glutes. 7 exercises starting with a warm up and a stretch to prepare the legs for the workout.

You can do this session anywhere, at home or outdoors, you decide.

Without further ado, grab your water bottle and get yourself ready. 

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