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Blogger Of The Week: Zara aka @zaraazii

by Nahla Naciri   ·  3 years ago   ·  

Meet @zaraazii a UK based fashion and lifestyle blogger. I discovered Zara’s page about two years now and I must say that she is very unique whether in her clothing style or Instagram page shades. With her gorgeous feed mainly featuring outfit posts with a focus on elegant and easy to go looks, she shows us how modest dressing need not compromise your sense of style.

She is all about cute thingies. Fashionably speaking, she often opts for classically modest pieces, faithfully sticking to bright solids or neutrals, but every now and then, she tries bright pastels colors,and  she literally slays!

Zara runs a blog, along with the help of so she can ensure the maintenance of her popular page, of where she shares some outfit ideas and travel experiences, she has shared her experience as a Hijabi in Italy and it has personally helped me a lot planning my next trip to Venice this summer and learning how to get around, where to eat.. etc. She’s been just about everywhere, so those traveling to other countries could also learn a bit from her. I’m pretty sure she’s even been to Iceland, so those traveling there could visit her page. I know that Iceland seems to be a popular location at the minute. People seem to be hiring campervans from companies like (click here now) and visiting the tourist sites that they really want to explore. I think she has some advice on traveling to Iceland, so that could be helpful.

Besides fashion, we are seriously obsessed with her tea and cupcakes spots. If you are London based and fan of great tea/coffee spots, then her Instagram page is your guide, Zara is known for her love for tea time meetings with her friends, she unearths the best tea corners of the city and proves that with great pictures of the place and the serving, she also shares the quality of customer service and how everything works.

Below are some of her outfit ideas and coffee spots, and Oh! don’t ask about her Hijab Style, I know how classy, elegant and beautiful it is, I’m myself waiting for her to drop a video tutorial of that unique Hijab Style she always rock! 


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