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Blogger Of The Week: Zaynab aka @zaynabrayhan

by Nahla Naciri   ·  3 years ago  

Meet Zaynab aka @zaynabrayhan a fashion and lifestyle content creator based in Canada. There is nothing Zaynab can’t put on nicely, from Sporty style, to classy looks to casual everyday wear, she puts together her outfits very tastefully.

Besides her super chic style and winning smile, Zaynab won us over with her talent of mixing and matching colors together. She has no hard time wearing vibrant colors and trying new trends all by keeping it modest.

As mentionned above, she doesn’t have one specific style, Zaynab just has fun with fashion and dresses according to her mood.

Her style instantly makes us want to shop, which is great since she always links her looks for everyone to easily find them online. 

Without further ado, enjoy our selection of her all time stylish looks below.

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