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Easy Turban Style For Winter With A Beret

by Nahla Naciri   ·  4 years ago  

A controversial fashion item, the beret stands out in the street as well as near the parades. Even more on the heads of hijabis.  The trend of berets has made a big return this winter styled by all the bloggers we know. Being easy to style, every fashionista worked her look with a nice stylish beret. It is self-sufficient, so avoid wearing it with a specially developed hijab style or overly large accessories. The rest of the outfit can be retro but not too much, the goal being to avoid passing for a Gucci model on the run. The secret, in reality, to wear the beret is to treat it like any other hat. 

Below, @sevisworld is sharing a turban tutorial using a beret in a beautiful sophisticated way. Tag someone who might like this style.

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