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Everyday Summer Makeup and Hijab Tutorial

by Nahla Naciri   ·  5 years ago  

During the summer, makeup rhymes with lightness. We swap our compact foundations and our matte or dark lipsticks for a more sparkling nude beauty. And as the weather is nice, it is also hot … So we free ourselves from the textures that enclose the skin and prevent it from breathing.

You can have a lighter hand on make-up all you want, but it’s often hard to stay clean with the heat, flowing mascara, eye shadow and lipstick that run in fine lines, sweat .. To ensure a long and beautiful hold of your summer makeup all day long, it is necessary to adapt to your day’s beauty routine.

Here are few tips on what to opt for to create a light and soft makeup look for this summer:

1. Prepare your skin for makeup: On cleansed and hydrated skin, start with a base. This “primer” has as mission to prepare the skin for makeup so that it doesn’t run into the folds at the first wave of heat.

2. Use the waterproof formulas: mascara, foundation, eye shadow … all these products now have their variations in waterproof versions. This water-resistant formula ensures a perfect holding of make-up, even if heat stroke.

3. Use protective make-up: Foundations containing SPF 20, 30 or 50 are real allies in summer. Ultra-effective to unify and sublimate the skin, they provide UV protection and prevent the appearance of pigment spots. If you are worried about your skin showing signs of aging, you could use a foundation aimed at those with mature skin – you can find them at You should still be able to find one containing SPF.

Below is a beautiful easy makeup tutorial created by @nawalsari using minimal products and ultra easy steps, along with a summery hijab tutorial. Tag someone who might like this!

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