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How to Build the Best Skin care Routine

by Nahla Naciri   ·  4 years ago  

Wanting to take care of your skin is one thing. Knowing where to start is another. We explain in detail how to develop the most effectiveand best skin care routine.

Taking care of your skin is something super important, and with these grey days, we feel that our skin is asking for it and that it will become more and more important to do it. First thing is that you need to understand that it is part of your everyday life and not only for when you’re having an upcoming event or special occasion. Taking care of your skin is part of your living as a girl. I recenly stumbled upon an online dermatologist who said, as your body requires water and hydration all day long, your skin does too.

So where to start ? What is a serum? How many steps are required? In fact, you don’t need a thousand and one products. Good gestures, diligence and some knowledge of the ingredients will do the job completely. For beauty novices, we unveil a very simple but very effective skincare routine.

Facial Cleanser 

This is obviously the first essential step in a routine. Morning and evening, it is imperative to cleanse the skin. And no, micellar water and cotton are not enough! I recommend you consult a skin dermatologist to define your skin type and purchase a cleanser according to it.

One of the best facial cleanser is Tula, Vichy, Laneige 

An exfoliant

The skin is in constant renewal. It sheds its upper layers, which creates dead cells. Over time, dead cells have a harder time falling off on their own. Result: cosmetic products will have difficulty penetrating the skin and we will have a dull complexion. A solution ? Adopt an exfoliating product that will erase these dead skin. Choose a gentle exfoliant with fine grains or fruit acids that will dissolve these cells. To be practiced 2 to 3 times a week.

One of the best exfoliant is Clinique, Wishful, Fresh

A facial serum 
When the sun goes out, our skin starts to feel a bit weak. She lacks pep’s, that’s why a vitamin C serum will fill these gaps. Beyond bringing a real boost to the skin – like a natural self-tanner – vitamin C will fight against free radicals. Free radicals are oxygen molecules that will tend to oxidize and therefore cause aging of the skin.

One of the best facial serum is Lancome, Clinique 

A Moisturizing Cream
After using the serum with aqueous consistency, we will come and apply a richer product such as a day cream. We choose a moisturizing product adapted to our skin type, and anti-aging – if necessary – to provide nutrition to the skin and also a protective layer. You don’t have to spend a thousand and cents, a good moisturizer doesn’t have to cost a lot. We will mainly look at the composition. We ban all that is silicone-based and we favor products with ceramides, peptides or retinol for a real anti-aging action.

One of the best moisturizer is Ordinary, Lancome, Clinique 


We can not emphasize this enough. Adopting an SPF is essential to maintain healthy skin for a long time. An SPF is a sunscreen, neither more nor less. But it can present itself in various ways. For a pleasant sensory experience, it can be chosen as a gel, a serum or a day cream. Using an SPF, even during lockdown, will protect the skin from ultraviolet rays but also from the blue light of our screens, responsible for skin aging.

One of the best SPF sunscreen is Laura Mercier

An eye cream

Our generation suffer from dark circles at a very early age, due to the lack of sleep, spending way much time infront of screens at work, at home.. Adopt an eye cream for your dark circles but also help this process naturally, by having enough sleep, using an SPF as mentionned before even while working in front of your computer.

One of the best eye cream for dark circles is Clinique 

With all of that being said, nothing is compared to taking care of yourself, body and mind, because if the inside is not well treated, it will reflects on the outside: our skin. 

Drink enough water, walk instead of driving if you can. Read instead of watching videos, take fruits as snacks, have enough sleep… etc



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