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18 Stylish Total Black Look Outfits

by Nahla Naciri   ·  3 years ago  

Chic, timeless, sophisticated and versatile. Black is the color that a lot of fashionistas love. On dresses, pants, shoes and handbags, this color has slipped with class and elegance into our wardrobe. Sober and glamorous, why want to switch to another color? As a total black look or in crumbs, this color has won its place in every wardrobe.

Deemed to be sad, sometimes sinister, the black total-look suffers from a critical lack of empathy. Assimilated to Gothic and other squads (little inclined to the joy of living), we find this color categorized in the “bereaved” box. And yet, a simple glance at recent streetstyles lets us think that the dark panoply would once again smell of sanctity.

You are not depressed, black is just the color that suits you best and that you finally feel like yourself in. We understand you. All the excuses are good to take to adopt your lucky color.

Below are our favorite total black looks we have selected for you, which prove that wearing an all black outfit is so classy and elegant.

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