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Long Lasting Dewy Summer Makeup Tutorial

by Nahla Naciri   ¬∑  4 years ago  

All the tips to get a Long Lasting Dewy Summer Makeup Tutorial

In summer, makeup rhymes with lightness. We swap our compact foundations and our matte or dark lipsticks for a more sparkling nude beauty. And since the weather is nice, it’s hot … We are free from the textures that enclose the skin and prevent it from breathing.

The advantage of summer periods is tanned skin! In addition to giving good looks and vitality, having a skin even slightly tinted allows to lift the foot on the makeup side. And that’s good, because the heat makes our skin suffer which tends to sweat and shine.

Saima from @saimascorner is sharing below a beautiful dewy summer makeup which is long lasting for hot summer days that you can have for a day and night out.

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