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How These Hijabi Bloggers Mix Modern Fashion And Modesty

by Nahla Naciri   ·  6 years ago  

The world is waking-up to the reality of the size of the modest and modern fashion market and every international brand has at least considered dappling into this segment. Bloggers all over the world are making a statement out of it.

Summer Albarcha​ and Maria Alia​ are household names for modest fashion fans on instagram. The pair has captivated an international audience with their chic styles that provide inspiration for women who choose to wear a hijab. They have both different styles but have originality in their way of dressing.

Having begun blogging in 2012 with her site, ‘Hipster Hijabis’, Summer Albarcha has since been acknowledged by worldwide media, including Marie Claire and Look Magazine. She has a great style and always opt for new things, her love for daring colors brings up amazing combination that we learn from.

Browsing Maria Alia’s Instagram is sure to give you some serious wardrobe envy. Featured in the October 2016 issue of Marie Claire US, she makes layering look like an art form, creating looks are pieced together beautifully. “I don’t see fashion as just the material pieces of clothes, it’s how it’s worn, how it feels, how it lays, how textures and patterns meet, and ultimately how it makes you feel.” She is such a beautiful girl in and out and has done a lot in the modest fashion industry.

Hannah Bronfman spent the day with Summer and Maria at New York Fashion Week, where they chatted about what it’s like to be a muslim woman carving a place for yourself in the fashion world. Click play to see their story above!

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