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Beautiful Hijab Tutorials For Summer

by Nahla Naciri   ·  6 years ago  

Summer is just around the corner (well, almost), which means that it’s time to start making plans for your epic summer vacation. And whether you are packing for classy, sporty or casual outfits, your Hijab Style needs to be reconsidered. Summer looks like Summer hijab styles vary from country to country mixing trends and culture to bring out the best in Modest Style. I love how every blogger I know from all over the world shares her own unique style allowing everyone to have an idea of how they can adapt it to their preferences.

Meet Tuba @tuba_ugur on Instagram, a Turkish Germany based fashion blogger, she is so beautiful and I enjoy her quick hijab tutorials videos along with her fashionable looks. Her style is mixed with turkish touches and she creates endless ways of wrapping hijab and adding accessories to make it even more beautiful.

For this first Summer Hijab Styles collection, I have chosen Tuba’s looks as they are so summery, the fabrics are cool for the hot weather and the designs are easy to create.  You can add accessories according to the occasion or the outfit, flowers crowns would look amazing with plain maxi dresses!

With no further to it, enjoy these 3 styles and tag someone who is excited for summer!

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