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Natural Glam Makeup Tutorial

by Nahla Naciri   ·  6 years ago  

Barely-there makeup is a look countless celebrities have been wearing in recent months. But the au-natural, I’m-just-genetically-blessed look takes more work than you think. If you want to appear like you’re wearing no makeup but still look really, really good – the type of good that will prevent your colleagues from asking if you’re feeling okay when you’re just barefaced – then follow this tutorial below to looking sassy with just a slick of slap…

Withloveleena aka Leena is back again with a new Glam Makeup Tutorial which we LOVE it looks natural and doesn’t require too many makeup products nor makeup tools! The colors used are so wintry which helps create a warm look. The hijab color also plays a great role allowing to the makeup to spruce up.

With no further, enjoy below the step by step video to achieve this look.

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