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Everyday Jersey Hijab Tutorial With NO PINS

by Nahla Naciri   ·  6 years ago  

Out of all the hijab tutorials you could find on the internet, the most popular style amongst beginners is the easy to wear hijab style with no pins. This is a super quick hijab style which you can wear in a front wrap or turban style and there are many youtube hijab tutorials too, so keep searching. Also, as a hijabi, chances are you often find yourself getting bored with your current hijab style. For some of us who have been wearing hijab for years, we might have settled upon a standard style that’s quick and easy, and requires little to no effort.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment with different styles! There are so many different Hijab styles out there, all depending on the material of the scarf, the size, your personal preference, cultural styles, etc. that there really isn’t any ‘right’ way to go about it. But today we are sharing this easy no pins Hijab tutorial for a quick and comfortable look.


The no pin hijab is great for the summer months, you simply wear your underscarf (which is important to fix the hijab) and wrap a scarf loosely over your head and voila!, you’re sorted for the rest of the summer.

Leena aka @withloveleena is a true inspiration as she is so minimalist yet elegant and often shares sme great tips whether they are Hijab or makeup related. Make sure you follow her on Instagram for more inspirational posts. 

With no further, enjoy this tutorial for an easy everyday hijab tutorial with no pins, make sure you pick anything but a satin or silk scarf as it tends to slip off your head without pins. I would recommand jersey hijabs as jersey fabric is the only hijab material that would really stick into your head without even using an underscarf.

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