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Stylish Hijab Outfits For Your Honeymoon

by Nahla Naciri   ·  6 years ago  

To all my brides to be, I know you are so overwhelmed with your honeymoon packing especially being a Hijabi, we can share as many stylish hijab outfits for your honeymoon as possible but you need to know the essentials to pack in order to avoid overpacking and to set up easily your hijab outfits during the trip. We have compiled a guide with hijab outfit ideas, that includes looks for all types of honeymoon activities, from breakfast dates all the way to rafting trips! If you are yet to plan your honeymoon then you may want to visit this page and learn why Fiji is worth your consideration. This dream destination of the Pacific is surely a once in a lifetime experience that should not be missed.

Let’s first start with the essential pieces to pack and oh! we all know that Spring Summer are the busy honeymoon travel seasons, so let’s pack accordingly, also don’t forget to check our Top 5 Honeymoon destinations for Muslims.

1.Plane Outfit:

this is one of the most important outfits to plan if you want to have a comfortable trip, with the procedures of boarding and baggage registration and hotel search procedures, you really need some good sneakers and a very cool and comfortable outfit: mostly a shirt and pants along with a cardigan. However, if you are splashing out for this honeymoon (think private jet from Jettly) then you may want to go for something a little more stylish, so as you arrive you are able to go straight to where you need to be without hiding the fluffy slippers.

honeymoon outfit for plane

2. Maxi Dresses:

 More than likely you’ll be traveling to a sunny, tropical destination that will include high temperatures and possible humidity. You’ll want to avoid layering as much as possible and maxi dresses and skirts are the best way to do that. Maxi dresses are so easy to style, you can add a kimono/cardigan on top and there you are! If you have a long sleeves dress you’re so lucky!

honeymoon outfit for beach
honeymoon hijab outfit
Honeymoon orange outfit

3. Wide leg Trousers: 

One thin is sure, you can’t take your jeans with you, nothing is more uncomfortable than jeans during a trip especially a leisure one! Wide leg trousers are so cool for your honeymoon, you need to keep the pants basic colors (White, beige, etc.) so it’s easier to make an outfit. These large pants are so comfortable and can be worn during the day with flats and during an evening out if you switch to mid heels.

4. Tops:

They can be blouses, mini dresses, or just simple shirts, all that matters is that you can breath in them and feel so comfortable as you will be walking all over the place exploring it. Again, stick to basic colors and prints (stripes, floral, etc)

Honeymoon outfit
Honeymoon shirt outfit

5. Hijabs:

 Leave your satins and other thicker fabrics at home. Stick to simple styles and the fewer pins the better. Make sure your hair is pinned up under your hijab to keep cool. below are few Minimalist Summer hijab tutorials that you can use to match your outfit.

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