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One Wearable Way To Style a Short Dress

by Nahla Naciri   ·  4 years ago  

Every Hijabi was at some point amazed in front of a short summer dress and was like: ‘oh no I like it but can’t wear it in public!’ Yes a short dress is not a modest piece for covered women but there is a wearable way to dress it up in a modest way. Actually any piece of clothing can be worked out in a way to fit a hijabi wardrobe.

Wearing a short dress over your pants is a trend actually that even non hijabi women wear as a street fashion style. Some wear it with flare jeans, other with slim cuts.. etc

The fabric, the length and the cut of your dress determine which pair of jeans to wear with it, if your dress is long enough you can go with slim jeans, if it is short, flare pants look stylish. if it is in a medium length you can go with straight jeans.

Today’s look feature this gorgeous summer dress with blooming flowers print, flat sandals, a cute bag and a matching scarf to complete the look.

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Dress from HERE

short dress

Jeans from HERE


Sandals from HERE

Bag from HERE


Scarf from HERE

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