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Winter Outfit Idea To Get You Through The Day

by Nahla Naciri   ·  4 years ago  

Winter is not necessarily the most exciting time to dress: dull colors, multiple overlays that make us look like a warrior ready to face the cold … We would like to go into hibernation while waiting for sunny days, but here it is, it is there, and it is still not -5 degrees that will make us doubt! To get you through the day, we have created a simple comfortable outfit for everyday use, which you can recreating using your own clothing pieces or get you the same exact one from the links listed below.

As you can tell, midi dresses have taken over 2020 winter fashion trends, in all the fabrics they came in, you can find your perfect gems for this season. 

Unlike many believe, midi dresses are the best clothing item during winter, you can keep yourself as much warm as you want thanks to leggings, and a midi dress is the easiest to style especially during busy mornings, it will keep you warm and looking classy throughout the day.

On top you can go for a long or a short coat (short coats are great for layerings) boots or ankle boots depending on the length of your dress, your uni bag or any shoulder bag and there you go!

You can shop the whole outfit from the links listed below.

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With love ❤️

Order the coat from HERE

Order the dress from HERE

Order the scarf from HERE

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Order the boots from HERE

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