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Silk Headscarves: All The Ways To Wear Them

by Nahla Naciri   ·  3 years ago  

It’s kind of safe to say silk headscarves have been around for a long time. Cited as debuting on the ever-fashionable queens of Ancient Egypt, they made their way into Hollywood, a staple for Audrey Hepburn. From Hermès to Versace, high fashion brands have been in love with silk headscarves, fashionably tying them around models’ necks, knotting them into head wraps.

Today, hijabis have adopted incorporated the silk headscarf and wear it as a hijab, covering everything as it should be yet getting into this trend naturally.

These scarves look beautiful and add a sense of class into your outfit, they also come in stunning colors and prints so they add o much life into your whole look.

Below you will find inspirational looks of your favorite hijabi bloggers slaying the silk scarve trend.

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