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Blogger Of The Week: Batul aka @bazzibatul

by Nahla Naciri   ยท  3 years ago  

Meet Batul Bazzi aka @bazzibatul on Instagram, a passionate fashion blogger and content creator. Batul has undoubtedly a very stunning sense of fashion. Sometimes street, sometimes relaxed, sometimes glamorous but also chic, she dares everything and sets no limits.

Although, she is into all clothing styles, her instagram account breathes new life into streetwear style with a very feminine approach. She knows how to adopt any look and adds girly touches to her outfits with well thought out accessories.

Other than fashion, we love Batul’s Hijab styles and her way of making them look easy to wear.

Below, we have gathered all our favorite outfits from her gallery, let us know which one wins your heart. Check her instagram account for more styles and shopping addresses.

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