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Simple Peach Makeup Tutorial

by Nahla Naciri   ·  5 years ago  

Welcome back lovelies, long time no makeup tutorial shared, with Spring finally here, beautiful colors are starting to pop up everywhere and we came across this simple Peach makeup tutorial by the gorgeous Tasnim Shah. 

This makeup tutorial looks quite natural and simple for day wear, it doesn’t require too many products, you can go your way without the gold sparkle, or go completely the same as the video. Peach will also matches with all kind of spring outfits and will help spruce up your look and add some life and energy to your face. You can use a peachy lipstick as well with this look, Anyway you can be creative with shades to copmplete this look according to your preferences.

With no further, enjoy watching this tutorial and tag a friend who might like it!

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