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Master the Colors Game With Summer Albarcha

by Nahla Naciri   ·  3 years ago  

Merging fashion with faith, Summer has been an inspiration for women around the world as she showcases a whole new way to dress modestly. At such a young age, she has managed to make a change in the perception of conservative clothing, proving that you can stylishly wear modest clothing. Summer is a fashion icon and loves to share her passion and knowledge of the fashion industry on her Blog and Instagram page. With accomplishing so much in her career so far, she is surely going to make a statement for modest fashion and be an inspiration for all women who want to dress modestly.

Dare to wear some color! Ok, it doesn’t mean you have to try a color explosion, but just try to add some brightness to your look. Like a fun bag or some colorful shoes. Dressing in black, white & earth tones is easy and of course it can look great as well, but it might become a little boring after a while. Also there is such a huge availability of colors for each and everyone that it’s almost a shame if you won’t use them.. The streets would look so much happier with all these colorful looks!

Below are some of Summer’s very recent outfits that she has worn during the Modest Fashion Week of Milan. She has dared some very bright color and turned them up to look so beautiful and stylish. We are sooo in love with her looks.


The bird attack was INTENSE! 😝🦅 📸 by @alexiroseproductions ✨

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