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The Denim Total Look: 15 Cool Ways to Wear It

by Nahla Naciri   ·  3 years ago  

Denim, we love it. And when we love, we don’t count. So a piece is good, but a total look is better.

Denim is playing the big game this season. Worn all-over, the most popular material of the moment is blowing a nineties wind on our wardrobe. Here’s how to wear it in total look.

In order to wear the total denim look, there are some pieces that you need to have: The vest, the pants, the shirt, the overall and the skirt.

Now how would you wear them? First commandment for those who are not sure how to develop a total denim look: do not mix different shades of denim. It will be difficult for newbies to coordinate a very washed blue with raw jeans. So it is better to stick to shades that are similar. A denim jacket straight out of a thrift store, a stylish boyfriend jeans paired with a pair of sneakers ( stan smith ones or Converse, perfect choice). For the wiser, we can go with a seventies-style jumpsuit or denim overalls worthy of “Mamma Mia” which will look great with a pair of square-heeled ankle boots or again sneakers. Want a good dose of inspiration? Here are fresh denil total look outfits that should appeal to blue jeans addicts.

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