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6 Easy Pinless Hijab Styles

by Nahla Naciri   ยท  4 years ago  

6 pinless hijab styles for different occasions uploaded by the talented @sevisworld. Easy and quick hijab styles for when you are busy or in a hurry to get ready, also useful for girls who can’t stand a tight wrap for whatever reason.

These beautiful pinless hijab styles would look great for a special occasion with an outstanding maxi gown adding so much style to the whole look and giving space for accessories to shine like earrings or necklaces.

You can use any hijab fabric to achieve these hijab looks, however, if you are using chiffon or silk fabric, you will definitely need an underscarf to prevent the hijab from moving. As for jersey or viscose fabric, no need to use that unless you like to use them and match them to your outfit color.

To create these pinless hijab looks, follow the steps shared in the tutorial below, they are well explained and very easy to achieve.

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