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Omaya Zein’s Everyday Casual Outfit Ideas

by Nahla Naciri   ·  3 years ago  

Regularly bringing forth outfits that are modest yet modern, Omaya Zein is a very stylish and talented fashion blogger and content creator whom style is bold and fun, incorporating trendy pieces without letting them define her looks.

She dares to wear a variety of trends and styles and looks good in literally everything, from sporty outfits to classy ones she has a beautiful taste when it comes to pairing colors and sorting pieces together.

Her hijab styles are various and helps a lot into defining which look you want to rock at a time. Have a look at her hijab Tutorials Here , Here and Here

Today, we are shining the spotlight on her everyday looks: casual, comfortable and eay to re create.

She uses simple everyday clothing pieces but knows exactly how to put them nicely together.

Below is a selection of her everyday casual looks. Get an inspiration for your back to school outfits hunt.


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