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Blogger Of The Week: Samia aka @Sauf.etc

by Nahla Naciri   ·  6 years ago  

Meet Samia aka @sauf.etc a Belgium based fashion blogger. She started blogging on Instagram back in 2015. I’m not sure if she used a growth service (such as Upleap, which is reviewed at or whether people just appreciated her brilliant posts, but she quickly grew a very large following on the platform. I remember discovering her page through a quote she has shared and which I have stumbled upon through my search feed. But I could have easily found her again on any other Hijab page, as her style is so unique and has been shared everywhere for inspiration. She dresses in a highly fashion way but using very modest clothing items, mainly oversized tops and sneakers which she rocks beautifully.

There are typically two concerns when buying something oversized: Does this make me look like a child playing dress up? Or: Do I look like a crazy person? But, once you visit Samia’s feed and learn how to it right, one oversized piece is all it takes to turn your outfit up to 11. She really makes it look amazing and she is the only one to confirm that above all, it is comfortable to walk around in oversized pieces.

Now let’s talk about her hijab style, it is literally the most easy hijab look one can make, however it doesn’t suit everyone’s face shape, she do it well and let’s all protest around here so she would share a hijab tutorial or something! she is a cutie MashaAllah and we really enjoy her feed.

She has recently startd a Youtube channel I invite you all to check, where she shares Outfits ideas in a really fun way, out of the ordinary and professionnaly made, I guess her Husband has something to do about it huh! if so he is very talented!

With no further, here are some of her looks, don’t forge to give her a follow on Instagram and Tag someone who might love this style.

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