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Simple Glowy Summer Makeup Tutorial

by Nahla Naciri   ·  5 years ago  

Summer is the best season to try a glowy makeup look. Ideal to highlight your tan, it has the advantage of bringing a punchy side to your summer look. Heres to the clear, tender, but not washed out shades. Khaki, lilac, beige and pink are allowed as long as they offer a subtle pearly satin ribbon finish that catches the light and makes the eyes sparkle.


For every part, the colors should be well picked, a fruity lips would look amazing, the color must be bright and faceted. We’re melting for appetizing tints like syrup: grenadine, mango, cassis … Easy to wear, they even curve the smallest mouths. On the texture side, the gloss is rehabilitated: it knows how to combine, from now on, strength of pigments and delicate transparency, without forcing on the wet effect.

Smiling cheekbones anyone? We choose a pulse blush: strawberry and coral, yes; baby pink and bronzer no question! And it is preferred in a gel texture, more malleable than a powder. It is applied to the bulge of the cheekbone, and then the color is infused by making small circles more and more ample. The idea? Give the illusion that the color “rises” from within.

For your face sking, no camouflage operation needed: we let the skin live and we do not care about small defects!
We choose a second-skin effect fluid foundation or a lightly golden illuminator. The secret is to use it as a benefactor care, by small touches, touching with the fingertips areas of darkness and those where fatigue is installed: forehead, eye contour, wings of the nose..

With that being said, check below how Leena Asad slayed her summer makeup with some of her favorites!

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